At WCWR we want everyone to feel welcome and offer a range of accessible facilities across our business. To achieve this onboard, WCWR requests that all passengers with unique access requirements contact us directly to discuss your needs.

Our website is overlaid by UserWay, which enables users to make changes to the delivery of our information based on a variety of more common accessibility needs.

We are committed to consistently improving our accessibility and welcome your feedback. If there is anything you feel is missing or that we can do better, please provide feedback to us in person at one of our stations, via email at [email protected], or via phone on (03) 6471 0100.

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For your own safety during an emergency, you must be able to climb off the carriage independently and walk a short distance along uneven ground. Passengers unable to meet these safety requirements may not be permitted to travel. To enquire about whether our train journeys are suitable for you, please contact us.

Station platforms and carriages may not always be the same height and this does differ from station to station. There is also a small gap to navigate between the carriage and the platform. Accessible toilets are located on the station platform at Lynchford Station. Outdoor platforms are wooden and covered with wire and/or non-slip covering to reduce the risk of slips and falls.

Queenstown Station
There is accessible parking available at Queenstown Station in the Council owned car park located at the front of the station. The access to the station from here is flat and paved and either by the double doors onto the station platform or the automatic door into Tracks Café. The automatic door requires a waving action to activate, located to the side of the door entry. Toilet access is along the platform and without steps.

Regatta Point Station
Accessible parking is located perpendicular to the turntable at Regatta Point Station in Strahan. Access to the station platform is up a DDA compliant wooden ramp.

The station café is located inside the station and is quite small. In cooler seasons, it is recommended that wheelchair users call ahead so that a comfortable seat near the door may be located and to avoid the need to navigate the café between tables.

Toilets at Regatta Point are down the far side of the platform and accessed via a DDA compliant wooden ramp and gravel pathway.

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We do our best to always have alternative options available at each of our cafes (Tracks Café and Tracks on Point) and you are welcome to discuss with our staff when you’re ordering.

If travelling onboard, please provide 72 hours’ notice of any dietary requirements or allergies so that we can ensure they are adequately catered for. We recognise this is a little longer than most urban catering companies, but we operate in a regional location and it can be difficult to source products that cater to some unique needs. 

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WCWR welcomes registered assistance dogs onboard, in our stations and at our cafes and kiosks. Please carry appropriate documentation when on the premises as we may ask for proof from time to time.

To allow for appropriate seat allocation onboard, please let us know you are travelling with an assistance dog at least 72 hours before departure. Assistance dogs must be harnessed or leashed throughout your experience, including at stations. We use information from Assistance Dogs Australia when planning our access processes.

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WCWR provides live commentary onboard through speakers throughout the carriage.

The WCWR story is also available on the Vacayit website and phone app as an audio guide and transcript. Due to our remote nature, phone service can be patchy on our experiences, so we do recommend listening to the audio before joining us.

WCWR also has physical transcripts of our onboard commentary available from our ticketing team. Please let us know before you board the train if we can provide this for you.

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We aim to provide a safe and respectful space for children (and adults!) and our experience is both educational and fun! We provide learning opportunities for all ages, providing a variety of written, verbal and immersive activities to encourage learning whilst onboard and at our stations. Our story is one of history, environment and resilience and we love sharing this.

Where a child’s behaviour significantly impacts the enjoyment of others, we may kindly and respectfully ask a parent or guardian to reign in the child’s enthusiasm. Where matters of safety are involved, we may step in and redirect a child to avoid a mishap.

You are welcome to breastfeed your child anywhere in our facilities, however, should you have an easily distracted baby, or be more comfortable in private, please speak with our team and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Changing facilities
Baby change facilities are located at each station in the accessible toilet, except at Queenstown Station, where it is located in the family room adjacent to the retail area.

Kids menus
Kids menus are available at both our station cafes, please just ask our friendly staff.

Prams and strollers
Due to limited storage onboard our carriages, we are unable to accommodate strollers unless they can be folded and stored under the carriage seat. A small number of small strollers are available on loan from our Ticketing team. These require advance booking and are booked on a first come, first served basis.

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We aim to provide a welcoming space for everyone and welcome those with neurodivergent needs. We understand that this looks different for everyone and encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss any specific needs you or your travelling companions might have.

The following information may assist while planning if a visit to WCWR:

Station platforms can be crowded and there is often loud noises and strong smells as the train goes about daily operation.

Away from station platforms, you will often find quieter, more calm spaces if needed. Our remote stations generally offer the opportunity to get away from the bustle and experience some nature, although our team will ask you to stick to our designated paths.

Our replica carriages are built to travel on our heritage narrow gauge railway. They are narrow in comparison to most urban railway networks and are subject to loud noises from other passengers and the train itself. They are well lit, but subject to changing light conditions as we travel through the rainforest. Carriage windows are unable to be opened and there are no toilets onboard.

Heritage Carriages provide seating for up to 40 passengers with booth seating and picture windows that run down the full length of the carriage. A dedicated onboard steward is available throughout the journey, however, they will often be delivering the live commentary for all passengers so may be limited in their capacity to provide additional support.

Wilderness Carriages seat up to 26 passengers and provide picture windows, booth seating with a small table, and a balcony carriage suitable for up to 4 people at any one time. We ask that the carriage be fairly available to all passengers wherever possible. A dedicated steward is available throughout the journey, outside of food and beverage service windows.

An estimated travel time between each station is below:

Queenstown and Lynchford Station: 20 minutes
Regatta Point Station, Strahan and Lower Landing: 50 minutes

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If you, or someone you are travelling with has a passion for trains, please do let us know. We love making the day for train enthusiasts and our loco crew are almost always available for a chat while stationary. Obviously, this goes for those with OR without accessibility needs!

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Your carer is welcome onboard. We provide complimentary passage for Companion Card holders in our Heritage Carriage and provide a concession onboard the Wilderness Carriage. Please contact our ticketing team directly to arrange.

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It is a privilege to share a part of the rainforest with all of our passengers. The following considerations are available for passengers with low vision or other vision impairments:

Interpretation is developed with high contrast and larger text where possible, although many of our boards are located outside in lower light conditions. For a copy of any of our interpretation, please speak with our friendly ticketing team prior to, or after your journey.

Station platforms and carriages may not always be the same height and this does differ from station to station. There is also a small gap to navigate between the carriage and platforms are covered with anti-slip mesh, which can be a trip hazard in places.

Where possible, steps and uneven ground are identified by coloured strips, however, nature walks at our stations may be obstructed by unmarked tree roots from time to time. We recommend caution while navigating our remote stations and ask that any issues are reported to our team.

Our onboard commentary is quite descriptive, but we recommend downloading the Vacayit app and listening to the audio guide as well for its descriptive qualities. We are also beginning to incorporate more sound installations into our interpretation strategy and have implemented an audio interpretation module into our Regatta Point Station Museum Room.

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