Off Season 2024

Winter is the best time to get out and explore West Coast heritage and wilderness. Whether you’re planning a local minibreak this winter from the far-off exotics of nipaluna/Hobart, or boarding a train of the sky to start your Tassie adventure, be sure to jot down ‘head west’ on your list of places to go.

Getting here is half the fun – seriously! We’re often asked about the journey west and we recognise it’s famous in its own right. Some might even say infamous! But what the road lacks in straight lines, it makes up for in gasp-worthy moments that will have you pulling the car over and grabbing a camera.

You can expect four seasons on the way here, and that’s just for starters. Come prepared with winter woollies and we promise you’ll be glad you did. Whether it’s a short stop at Lake St Clair or the accessible friendly Nelson Falls walk, embrace the journey, take your time and stretch those legs on the way.

Once here, check in to your chosen accommodation and settle in for a cosy night by the fire – maybe with a bottle of pinot and loved ones by your side (we won’t judge if you leave the loved ones behind and take a solo moment though, either).

Wake up refreshed and get ready for your winter west coast adventure…


Teepookana & the King
Departs: Strahan
Time: 10:00am

Lynchford Express
Departs: Queenstown
Time: 11:45am

A woman wearing a dark jacket and white top accompanies two small children into the rainforest. They are walking away from the platform, which is accessed via wooden stairs. The train track is behind them and to the right.

Explore a winter wonderland with a difference this winter!

A photographer stands directly in front of a steam locomotive holding a camera in front of his face, facing the direction of the person taking his image.

A photography experience at our maintenance facility.

A decorative christmas image

Get festive onboard the Lynchford Express in July.

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